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Objects in javascript indicates a group of unordered collection of data that belong to some common entity. An object can have datatypes such as number, string, array or even collection of objects or nested objects as a property or element.

Javascript follows an object oriented structure unlike other programming languages such as java which follows class hierarchy. To see in detail let us see its representation or definition. We have JSON — Javascript Object Notation which has data storage and access hierarchy in form of objects.


There are three ways to represent objects, they are

1) By using…



It uses the pipelining and persistent connections between client and server by which there was a bottle neck of multiple data packets to be sent to same destination which is called as HOL head-of-line, problem.


It uses binary framing layer by which the streaming of the data to be sent is prioritized and also multiplexed, which allows parallel communication and binary frames makes redundant transfer not to happen.



In this we have a client buffer to store data while receiving from the server, if the buffer is full the client is able…

HTTP — hyper text transfer protocol was frist developed by Tim Berners in 1989. It is basically a transfer protocol between client and server communication.

1)HTTP/0.9 called as ONE-LINE protocol

It supported only one method called GET along with the path to the resource.


After which the server responds with the HTML page.

It has to always disconnect and connect to establish a new connection for the each and every transfer between. It was not continuous but communication has to be reinitiated with request from the client till the whole process gets completed.


It was used from 1991.It…

Most of the time they both are considerd to be two different languages but they are lot different and their differences are listed below,


NODE JS is not another programming language but a cross environment to run JS or JAVASCRIPT outside the browser where it utilizes the V8 engine to run the javascript.

JAVASCRIPT is a scripting language that needs a browser with javascript engine such as V8 or spidermonkey.(these are the various engines developed by various browsers).


NODE JS is used mostly in the back-end of the web, at server…

Ever wondered how are web pages are displayed on our browser, I would like to walk you through what actually happens in this article.

Say we want to view an website called We open our browser and type this URL in the address bar and our browser does these following steps to help us to see the requested webpage or website.


The URL is sent to the DNS where it searches for the IP address associated with the domain name given in the URL.

The searching happens in three places DNS first checks if we…


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